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Everyone, young and old, loves a bit of magic, do they not? Excitement and wonder are normally in short supply throughout the mundane daily grind, but this is why the Abrakadabra black light theatre show was conceived. A whirlwind of lights piercing the pitch-black stage, a happy dance of shapes and outlines that defy physics and reality itself, and an evening of child-like awe characterise this creative and memorable performance in the heart of Prague. Utter the magic word and open up your mind for this fantastic experience.

The word ‘abracadabra’ has made its way into numerous languages and acts as a universal code for a magic incantation. The very word calls up the images of magic wands, pointy hats, and flowing robes embroidered with stars, half-moons, and planetary silhouettes. Abrakadabra, the black light magic show in Prague, takes things up a notch from the generic stereotype. With meticulous, modern choreography and inventive lighting technology, the performance conjures up one wondrous scene after the other. People take off from the ground, jugglers keep balls of shining light dancing in the air, contortionists build exotic shapes using their illuminated bodies, and classical magicians make persons disappear and engage in telekinesis. These are only a few of the acts that Abrakadabra has in store for you.

This whole magical experience is courtesy of a cabaret family with decades of experience in black light theatre and supernatural comedy antics. The skill and fantasy, which went into designing and presenting the individual scenes, are equal parts hard work and sheer talent. Just like sorcerers in ancient times were born, not made, so are these artists naturally built for the numbers they so aptly demonstrate night after night. Regardless of what your true feelings about magic are, if you decide to give this Prague show a chance, you too will find yourself whispering the mystic word - ‘Abrakadabra’!

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