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    During their exotic holiday, a married couple meet a postman who has unexpectedly found himself working as the receptionist of an abandoned hotel.

    The story interweaves stunning images of the landscape of Afrikania with a multitude of animal species on stage. The latter, dressed in costumes which are strikingly original, are brought to life thanks to the latest techniques in Black Light Theatre, and with dances which are beautifully choreographed.

    The staging, inspired by nature, and the use of projected images surrounding the audience, work together to create a fantasy world with a magical atmosphere.

    Come and experience this radically unconventional journey at the Image Theatre in Prague.

    Script: Eva Asterová, Josef Tichý, Petr Liška
    Choreography and Art direction: Eva Asterová
    Music and sound effects: Zdeněk Zdeněk
    Stage design: Eva Asterová, Josef Tichý, Linda Čihařová
    Costumes design: Dana Turečková, Eva Asterová

    image Afrikania / Image Theatre Prague