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    Black Box

    Black Box

    This show, at the Image Theatre in Prague, offers its audiences new elements which are not present in classical theatre. Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities of Black Light Theatre, with its use of fluorescent lighting and visual effects. Everything is different here: the theatre is different, the light is different and the darkness is different.

    And this mysterious darkness is full of surprises. The highly sophisticated Black Light Theatre techniques blend seamlessly with modern dance, making the dancers and objects levitate, rotate and move in space, defying the laws of gravity. The show reflects the atmosphere of the modern world and is inspired by the contemporary themes of time and dreams, which fantasy transforms into animated objects. This is a space where the language of dance awakens the senses, where music brings life to the inanimate, where tragedy is transformed into comedy, where the impossible is made possible, and where all of these forces invite the audience to enter their own fantasy world.

    An unusual experience awaits, with non-verbal performance, original music, Black Light Theatre projections and staging – all combining to present detective, crime and action stories, in a shadowy world of hidden crimes, criminals and policemen.

    Script:  Eva Asterová, Josef Tichý, Petr Liška
    Choreography:  Eva Asterová
    Music:  Zdeněk Zdeněk
    Costume design:  Dana Turečková, Eva Asterová
    Costume realization:  E. Bezdíčková, H. Píchová, D. Michalová
    Properties realization:  S. Nenov, I. Maurenc, P. Plocek, F. Tvrdek
    Art co-operation:  Linda Čihařová, Josef Tichý
    Producer:  Alexander Čihař

    image Black Box / Image Theatre Prague