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    Please come in and admire the perfection and beauty of Professor Pražák’s Cabinet! Prepare to see interesting objects and to discover their inner principles and workings! This is a unique collection of 20th century curiosities and marvels with practical demonstrations, never seen before by the public! But be mindful that you enter at your own risk…

    Professor Pražák welcomes you to his cabinet at the Image Theatre in Prague. He appreciates that you have decided to visit despite knowing the dangers which the demonstration entails. And he will now explain how we cannot escape the vicious circle that the expansion of civilisation represents, unless we embrace the miracles which can be found within ourselves.

    In his book Cruel Speculations about Mankind the professor states: "I do not consider the fact that the population is growing with immeasurable speed to be catastrophic. On the contrary. What I consider catastrophic is the fact that humans are producing more and more machines, instruments and technological innovations. These machines are supposedly designed to make life easier for people. In reality, they just make life more complicated, as they are too practical, functional and reliable..."  Pražák’s Circular Paradox is summarised in two points: every new invention brings a new problem; and the new problem can only be solved with a new invention. This shows that our civilisation is developing in completely the wrong direction, in a vicious circle.

    The solution to Pražák’s Circular Paradox consists of a total change in attitude towards inventions. Only those that seem useless are really useful, because then their function is a mystery, and thus people are forced to use their heads, their imagination and their ability to fantasise. We might say that when people use a machine in this way, they experience a small miracle. Because as the professor indicates, the evolution of civilisation should not consist of producing new technical miracles: real evolution is only possible if we can experience human miracles within ourselves.

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