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    It might seem as if the star-filled sky is always the same: but in reality it is full of stars which are born and which die; of galaxies, nebulae and black holes.

    This incredible scene, along with mankind’s ancient desire to relate its destiny with the movement of heavenly bodies, have inspired the show Galaxia at the Image Theatre in Prague.

    The cold beauty of the infinite universe – profoundly dark, yet also full of colours and moving bodies – is an ideal subject for the Black Light Theatre, providing limitless possibilities to authors and actors alike, in a space where the boundary between the real and the impossible is almost imperceptible.

    Science gives way to the poetry of theatre, and computerised systems give way to dance, music and the special effects of Black Light Theatre.

    Let yourself be carried away by an amusing story about every day human relationships –relationships which may, in one way or another, be influenced by the position of the stars or by the horoscopes of astrologers. Come and travel through space and time to an unspecified past. And to a place where you can almost touch the stars.

    image Black Light Theatre Prague / Afrikania, Image Theatre Prague