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The Best of Image

The Best of Image

Black light theatre is something of a Prague trademark, and The Best of Image is a great way to get acquainted with this versatile and visually stunning performing art. On the storied stage of the Image Theatre, you can dive deep into this Czech tradition and experience a carefully curated selection of stellar numbers from the celebrated company’s repertoire, which spans close to 30 years. Black light theatre is a Prague speciality that fuses magic, pantomime, and comedy into one fantastic performance, fuelled by the power of luminescence against a pitch-black background. The show is silent, but the bright lights speak louder than any tongue. Let the talented actors, mimes, and acrobats take you into their wondrous world of colour, imagination, and wizardry!

The Best of Image’s source material goes back to the beloved theatre’s many successful shows over the years, each of which has explored a different premise for black light theatre. For example, ‘Abrakadabra’ celebrates the magical potential of light trickery, exploring the limits of human vision and imagination. ‘Africania’ celebrates nature and vivid animal shapes and patterns in a wild visual adventure. In ‘Cabinet’, the viewer can regard a series of ingenious inventions and practical demonstrations that push the boundaries of the possible and challenge the constraints of ordinary imagination. ‘Black Box’ is a surreal crime story where nothing is what it seems: objects rotate and levitate, investigators chase suspects in an unspoken crime, and quiet moments in complete darkness let the whirlwind of lights sink in and tap into the subconscious. ‘Galaxia’ taps into the power of the stars to guide us through our everyday lives and interactions in an attempt to bring a little mysticism and wonder into daily life.

During The Best of Image in Prague, audiences can expect a selection of numbers from any of the above shows and more. The mystical, magical, comical, and theatrical elements flow together in this uniquely Czech performance.

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