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Wow Show

Wow Show

If we look deep into our soul, we can see a child trapped in his fears. Wow’s show tells the universal story of a man searching for his inner child, and the path each one of us must follow to overcome the fears we have carried with us since childhood.

The protagonist, accompanied by a comic dwarf, looks deep inside himself and visits every room in his soul. Each room offers him a magical dreamlike world, but the most magnificent places are governed by fears, giant spiders and their webs.
The protagonist saves the child who is entangled in the web, but still has to face the biggest fear of all: the giant spiders which are threatening to kill him.
The protagonist is strengthened by gifts which he receives during his journey. In each of the rooms he visits he finds new strength to overcome his fears and release the child within.
The show “plants" thoughts in the observer's mind which they take with them on their way back to reality.

Thus the beauty of the story lies not only in the colours, the shapes and the many surprises the show offers, but also in the interpretation and sensations we can each experience throughout the programme. 65 minutes of a magnificent show for the whole family which tells the story of each one of us.

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