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    Slavic Temper

    Slavic Temper

    In Prague, a fantastical dance performance reveals the emotional and expressive world of the Slavs. Slavic Temper, a collection of three ballet works set to classical and modern music, displays the passion and vision of the talented Slavic choreographers: Katarzyna Kozielska (Poland), Ondřej Vinklát (Czech Republic), and Andrej Kajdanovskij (Russia).

    If you are new to Eastern Europe and want a memorable introduction into the local people's mentality, Slavic Temper condenses centuries of cultural and historical development into a modern, expressive display of music and dance. The stage work embodies quintessential Slavic characteristics such as sentimentality, sensitivity, emotionality, and curiosity about the world.

    These defining features of the spirit of the Slavs find their musical expression in the rich, eclectic musical score, and the inspired choreography gives them a stunning physical display. Carefully designed sets, lighting, and costumes as well as occasional multimedia projections round off the spectacle and immerse the viewer even deeper into the colours of the Slavic soul.

    The Slavic Temper ballet begins with the work 'Aspects', choreographed by Katarzyna Kozielska. In it, she explores the different moods and how they shape our experience of the world around us. The artist calls for a metaphorical boycott of negativity and advocates embracing the joys of life. Dance in the moment and do not look at your feet - that is typically Slavic.

    Ondřej Vinklát's 'Dumka' takes the emotional rollercoaster of Dvořák's 'Dumka No. 4', a balladic musical form with origins in Czech folklore. It mixes melancholy sections with lively and uplifting passages. This duality is characteristic of Slavic people who often oscillate between love and hatred, happiness and despair. Vinklát describes his choreography as a meeting with a childhood friend. Let the treasured memories pour in!

    In 'Perfect Example', Andrej Kajdanovskij explores the limits of selflessness and human unity. In a succession of scenes, the choreographer builds up a metaphor for the failed attempt to build a communist society in Eastern Europe, a political and social effort whose aftermath still defines the region. Kajdanovskij's fast-paced narrative explores the limits of cooperation, ideology, and their inherent conflict with individuality.

    If you are curious about the tumultuous nature of Slavs, the Slavic Temper ballet is an excellent way to begin a life of fascination with these charming people!

    image Slavic Temper / Narodni Divadlo / Pavel Hejný