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Ballet Events in Prague - Schedule and Tickets

Trips to Central Europe – and especially to the triangle consisting of Prague, Vienna and Budapest – attract more and more visitors every year, both from within Europe and from all around the world. These three cities have much to offer, including their history, art, music, architecture and cuisine.

If you visit to any one of the three, you are likely to arrive home feeling that you will need to return. There are always more wonders to experience, and the time one spends in these cities never seems to be enough.

If we focus on Prague, to begin with, we might reflect on its various aliases (the City of a Hundred Spires, the Golden City, the New Paris, the Heart of Europe, etc.), on its origins in the Castle district with the Premyslidas dynasty, on its legends (such as that of the beautiful princess Libuše), on its magnificent buildings and narrow lanes, on its traditional puppets, on the Black Light Theatre, on its cuisine and iconic drinks, on its folklore, its people, its music…

Culture in general has been a defining characteristic of this city since Charles IV founded the Charles University in Prague in 1348. This is one of the oldest universities in Europe and was the first in Central Europe. As great art and culture lovers, many Czechs are aficionados of classical music. The country has produced some great composers, and those from other countries have had success bringing their music to Czech opera houses and concert halls. Consequently, in Prague there are a number of theatres, concert halls, palaces and churches where one can enjoy an opera performance, a classical music concert, or even a ballet.

If you visit Prague, you will have the chance to see a ballet performance at the Prague State Opera (Státní Opera Praha) itself. Although operas make up more of each season’s programme at the opera house, you will also be able to find some outstanding ballets. One such ballet which features almost every season is the beautiful Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Others which can be found on the State Opera’s programme are Romeo and Juliet and Don Quixote, as well as performances which offer some of the best choreographies by George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins and William Forsythe, among others.

Apart from the magnificent and elegant Prague State Opera, there are other venues where you can see ballet in the city. One such venue is the Teatro Hybernia, which presents a show of The Best of Swan Lake, where you can enjoy the best scenes of this much-acclaimed ballet. An alternative which comes highly recommended.

Reserve your tickets in advance, ensuring your chance to enjoy a ballet in Prague – a suitably beautiful city in which to experience the magic of such artistry.

image Sleeping beauty / State Opera Prague