Prague Opera Tickets

Black Light Theatre in Prague

A trip to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a dream which more and more people are turning into a reality. And this magical fairy-tale city is certainly worth a visit, with its famous towers dotting the skyline and its golden illuminations at dusk.
Discovering the many hidden corners of the Old Town, exploring the Prague Castle complex and strolling around the Jewish Quarter are only some the things which will make for a delightful stay in the Bohemian capital.

While in Prague, you could also discover another treasure which originated in the Czech Republic: Black Light Theatre. Created and developed in this country, Black Light Theatre is based on the ‘black box trick’. Special use of light and shadow, actors dressed in black, an equally dark stage, ultraviolet lighting and various visual effects, will all give you the impression that the on-stage characters are flying and that objects are moving on their own – that the laws of gravity have disappeared and that magic is in play on the stage. This is a non-verbal form of theatre, where the dance choreography, the acrobatics and the theatrical performances by excellent actors will transport you to other worlds.

There are various theatres which offer a wide range of Black Light Theatre performances. Among them, we draw your attention to the Image Theatre, the Broadway Theatre and the Ta Fantasika theatre, to name a few. Once you have entered and settled in your chairs, you will find yourselves immersed in the mystery and magic of these shows.

With Afrikania you will feel as if you have been immediately transported to the African continent, thanks to the magnificent nature-inspired set and the projections which surround the audience. The performance of Black Box is sure to surprise you with the ingenious way that it uses multiple Black Light Theatre techniques. Professor Pražák will welcome you to his Cabinet, and present you with his collection of inventions to show you how, via a series of practical demonstrations, only the useless is truly useful – though you enter at your own risk! The famous Wow Show will turn you into the main characters, inviting you to participate in the magic of Black Light Theatre – making huge balls fly as they descend from the ceiling, for example. The performance of Aspects of Alice, a show based on the story Alice in Wonderland, immerses you in the emotional world of an Alice now in her teens, while drawing you into the fantastical world created by the amazing effects of Black Light Theatre.

Whichever Black Light Theatre show you decide to attend, you will certainly not regret it. This is a unique and home-grown phenomenon which – for the duration of the show at least – will ignite your imagination, inspiring a childlike sense of awe and wonder.

image Black Light Theatre Prague / Afrikania, Image Theatre Prague