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    Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists

    Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists

    The St Nicholas Church stands proudly in the Old Town Square of Prague. Its impressive Baroque architecture is both visually stunning and acoustically unique, making it the perfect venue for the special concert of the Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists. In the space of about one hour, an organist, a trumpetist and a soprano will take you through excerpts from Baroque and Romantic classics that resonate wonderfully in the sacred building’s vaulted interior. No visit to the Czech capital is complete without a taste of music and culture, and the Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists deliver plenty of both.

    Chamber concerts have become a standing tradition at St Nicholas, with a variety of Prague’s best singers and instrumentalists taking time off their busy schedules to deliver a one-of-a-kind, intimate performance in this outstanding venue. The chamber soloists are usually full-time musicians at the Prague State Opera or other renowned Czech classical outfits. Their experience and musical pedigree guarantee a memorable night.

    The Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists concert’s programme starts out with an emblematic, larger-than-life work that defines the Baroque period in music: ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ by Johann Sebastian Bach. The powerful church organ and St Nicholas’ excellent acoustics deliver the full impact of this mesmerising piece. Next come excerpts from two famous oratorios, namely ‘Messiah’ by George Frideric Handel and ‘Gloria’ by Antonio Vivaldi. Both works are regarded as pinnacles in the vocal-instrumental genre. A beautiful rendition of ‘Ave Maria’ by Camille Saint-Saëns rounds off the evening’s proceedings and brings you into the Romantic period.

    Therefore, visitors of the charming Bohemian capital with a taste for classical music should not hesitate even a moment about coming down to see the Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists. It is a concert series that has proven its longevity and worth, set in one of the city’s most impressive venues for solo and chamber music. Step into the wondrous world of Baroque and Romantic music right in the heart of Prague!