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    Culinary Jazz Dinner

    Culinary Jazz Dinner

    Inspired by the golden age of jazz on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the Culinary Jazz Dinner in Prague includes a colourful selection of Czech and international standards that pair wonderfully with a classic three-course menu of your choice. Two singers backed up by a trio of piano, double bass, and saxophone elegantly play between the different courses with a selection of remarkable tunes. In the space of three hours, the Culinary Jazz Dinner at the Art Restaurant Mánes in Prague hits all the right notes to make for a memorable musical and culinary experience.

    The luxurious food options at the heart of the Culinary Jazz Dinner are inspired by classic Czech dishes from the 1930s. You can book the veal or, vegetarian menu. Each of them includes a welcome drink, and additional beverages of your choice can be purchased separately. The first course in both menus is a silky cream soup of peas, garnished with butter-fried croutons, watercress oil, and creme fraiche. The star of the veal menu is a tender Viennese schnitzel with creamy pureed potatoes and a garden salad, while vegetarians can look forward to a cauliflower steak with pureed potatoes and baby broccoli. Dumplings in vanilla custard provide a sweet coda to the evening’s culinary delights.

    The programme of the Culinary Jazz Dinner is as delectable as its menu. The talented musicians go through four separate concert parts: a welcome set followed by one musical segment to go after each dinner course. Next to the popular jazz standards, you can also enjoy several works by Czech jazzman Jaroslav Ježek. Fun fact: the grand piano you will hear playing in the restaurant hall is the same one Ježek himself played in his time, a beautiful restored Steinway from 1897. Apart from his lovely tunes, you can expect to hear jazz masterpieces by George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Scott Joplin, Fred Ahlert, and Louis Prima, among others. In an atmosphere of fabulous food and mesmerising music at the Art Restaurant Mánes, the Culinary Jazz Dinner in Prague makes three hours simply fly by.

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