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Folklore Garden

Special Menu Duck, € 59
Special Menu Semikosher, € 59
Standart Menu, € 56

Folklore Garden Show

Folklore Garden Show

Delicious traditional Czech food; mead that flows like a waterfall; unlimited servings of beer, wine, soft drinks, and water; and a folklore show with live songs and dances that get your blood rushing – the Folklore Garden Show in Prague has it all! In the space of 2 hours and 30 minutes, you get a fully stacked demonstration of the Czech way of life: delicious cuisine, plenty of drink, music and dance, all in the service of joy and entertainment. You can select the traditional Czech menu or pick one of the special options during the booking process. Regardless of your decision, a day of culinary, musical, and cultural celebration awaits.

To get the Folklore Garden Show off to a good start, you are greeted with a welcome drink. What better beverage for it than mead, the drink of the gods? The special mixture of honey and water is characteristic of olden times, and its unique taste and texture already signal to you: This is going to be a special experience. The culinary portion of the evening offers you several choices. The traditional Czech standard menu is based on age-old recipes that are prepared with grandmotherly skill. The main dishes, consisting of baked pork and chicken with potatoes and salad sides, come in big portions, from which you can serve yourself and enjoy the communal feeling at the table. If you opt for one of the special menus, you will get your individual platter. Unlimited drinks from the selection mentioned above make sure that you stay hydrated and in good spirits.

The entertainment part of the Folklore Garden Show is a storm of song and dance that reflects the distinct traditions of different regions in the Czech Republic. Though special in their phrasing and steps, the different folklore varieties have one thing in common: the unapologetic love of life and an irrepressible sense of rhythm and melody. The amazing musicians and dancers in traditional costumes immerse you into the experience. You can participate in the show, too - learn the steps, play the folk instruments, and participate in the games! After all, there is nothing more Czech than having a good time.

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