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Rigoletto, Opera by G. Verdi

Rigoletto, Opera by G. Verdi

Verdi was highly captivated by the possibility of bringing a hunchback on stage, a cripple with derision on his lips, tears in his eyes and anxiety in his soul. A person, who knows well enough his doings are wrong, apprehending all the more the curse fallen on his head. Rigoletto is a tragedy of social injustice and inequality, which is evident both in the title character of the jester as well as in the explicit portrayal of the wanton lifestyle of the nobility. The masterful opera works of Giuseppe Verdi, most characteristic by their drama and melody, still remain part of the core repertory of all of the world’s opera stages.

Conductor: F. Drs, R. Hein
Stage director: K. Jernek
Set designer: Z. Kolář
Costume designer: O. Filipi
Choreography: D. Wiesner
Chorus master: T. Karlovič, A. Melichar
Assistant director: O. Kyndlová

image Rigoletto, Opera by G. Verdi / Národní Divadlo