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This data protection declaration describes how information about visitors to this website is collected, stored and utilised by A&A TICKETS ONLINE. By visiting this website you have consented to the collection and utilisation of data according to the provisions of this declaration made by A&A TICKETS ONLINE.
A&A TICKETS ONLINE is entitled to amend this declaration at any time. A&A TICKETS ONLINE will however treat your personal data at all times in accordance with the data protection declaration currently in force on the date of data collection.
These data protection provisions apply to all products, services and websites of A&A TICKETS ONLINE and its partner companies.
A&A TICKETS ONLINE may collect information of the following nature:

  • Information which you make available to us – When you register, you will be asked for your personal details. Your administrator has access to all account data, including your e-mail address. For further information read the data protection provisions of your domain administrator.
  • Cookies and tags – When you call up the website, one or more cookies will be sent to your PC or the device you are using to call up the services. A "cookie" is a little information file which is sent to your browser and is stored on the hard disk of your PC. Cookies do not harm your computer. In the default setting cookies are accepted by most browsers. You can however set your browser so that it either rejects all cookies or tells you when a cookie is sent. It is nevertheless possible that some functions may not work properly if cookies are disabled.
  • Log data – When you access the website using a browser, application or other client software, certain information will be automatically stored. These server logs can include the following information: your web request, your interaction with a service, your IP address (Internet Protocol address), browser type, browser language, date and time of your request as well as one or more cookies that uniquely identify your browser or account.
  • Communication with users – When you send an e-mail or other communication, this may be stored in order to process your requests, respond to your queries and improve our services.
  • Other websites – The website may include links to other websites which might be of interest to the visitors of this website. This data protection declaration solely relates to this website and not to those of third parties. The data protection declaration furthermore only applies to the data collected by A&A TICKETS ONLINE. Other websites on which A&A TICKETS ONLINE itself or products of A&A TICKETS ONLINE are mentioned, presented or promoted are also beyond the control of A&A TICKETS ONLINE. It is possible that such other websites may place their own cookies or other files on your PC, collect data or acquire personal information from yourself.

A&A TICKETS ONLINE will moreover utilise the data collected for the following purposes:

  • provision, maintenance, protection and improvement of services, including advertising programmes and the development of new services and
  • protection of rights or title of A&A TICKETS ONLINE or its users.

If A&A TICKETS ONLINE uses this information in a manner other than for the purpose for which it was collected, you will be asked for your consent prior to utilisation.

1. Data protection undertaking

The designations "personal data" or "personal details" in this declaration relate to information such as your name, date of birth, e-mail address, payment information, postal address or telephone number which can be used to identify you. In general your personal details will only be processed to the extent described here.

A&A TICKETS ONLINE requires this data in order to:

  • complete your booking
  • complete your payment
  • issue your ticket (or e-Ticket)
  • deliver your ticket to you
  • inform the organiser about your booking

A&A TICKETS ONLINE however reserves the right to carry out further analysis to the extent permitted by law and/or to assist the police or judiciary with their enquiries.

2. Envisaged usage of personal data

The majority of the services offered by A&A TICKETS ONLINE do not require registration; you can also utilise this website without revealing your identity. When purchasing a service however it is necessary to open an account and provide A&A TICKETS ONLINE with your personal details. In such situations it is possible that certain parts of the website may not be accessible to you without providing the required data and that your request cannot be processed.

A&A TICKETS ONLINE may thus ask for personal details in order to provide you with specific products or services, to charge you for products or services you requested or to offer you products or services which A&A TICKETS ONLINE believes might interest you or to communicate with you for reasons which are either obvious or will be stated when such data is requested.

3. Confidentiality of personal data

A&A TICKETS ONLINE shall not sell, transmit or distribute in any other manner personal data to third parties, except for the reasons stated in this data protection declaration. A&A TICKETS ONLINE may transmit personal data worldwide to other partner companies, which undertake to treat it in accordance with this data protection declaration. Personal data may also be transmitted to third parties acting on behalf of A&A TICKETS ONLINE for further processing in accordance with the purpose for which the data was originally collected or for other lawful purposes such as the provision of services, verification of the usefulness of this website or to assist with marketing and data processing or for technical support. The company concludes contracts with such third parties which stipulate that personal data may only be used for the contractually agreed purpose and which prohibit the sale or communication of your personal data to third parties (except as required by law, with approval or in accordance with this data protection declaration). The personal data collected from yourself may also be transmitted to third parties if the company physically holding this data at a data centre, is sold, transferred or taken over. In such a case A&A TICKETS ONLINE shall impose on the purchaser, transferee or surrenderee an obligation to treat the personal data in accordance with this data protection declaration. Personal data may furthermore be disclosed to third parties where A&A TICKETS ONLINE is compelled to do so by law, a court ruling or official orders, or where such disclosure is necessary on other grounds to assist with police enquiries or judicial investigations or proceedings taking place in Austria or abroad.


4. Right to access, correction and objections

Whenever processing personal data A&A TICKETS ONLINE will take reasonable measures to ensure the applicability and correctness of your personal data for the original purpose intended. According to the provisions of Sections 26, 27 of the Data Protection Act A&A TICKETS ONLINE shall guarantee that your requests for the provision of information and correction are met within the statutory time periods. If you wish us to contact you in relation to the usage of your personal data or the processing of your personal data, please inform us by e-mail [A&A Tickets Online]. When you get in touch, please have to hand the address of the website on which you entered the data and also the specific details you wish to correct, update or delete, as well as proof of identity. Requests for the deletion of data are subject to the statutory and ethical obligations regarding reporting and the filing/archiving of documents applicable to us.

5. Data security and confidentiality

To ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data collected we make use of data networks which are protected for example by passwords and firewalls complying with industrial standards. While processing your personal data, we take appropriate measures to protect your information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, amendment and destruction.

6. Transfer of data abroad

A&A TICKETS ONLINE may transfer your data to a database held by a partner company based outside Austria, i.e. possibly in countries in which the data protection regulations are not as stringent as those in your own country.

7. Cookies and tags

A&A TICKETS ONLINE may collect and process information about your visit to this website, e.g. the pages you visit, the website from which you accessed our website and some of the search operations you carry out. Such information is used to improve the content of our website. These statistics are used for internal market research. To do so, cookies are sent to your browser, in which the domain name of the user, your Internet provider, your operating system as well as the date and time of access are stored. It is possible we may use third-party services for assistance with collection and processing of the information described in this section.
We sometimes additionally use "Internet tags" (also known as action tags, one-pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs and 1-by-1 GIFs) and cookies which may also originate from advertising partners or web analysis companies possibly storing the relevant information (including your IP address), including outside the country. These tags/cookies can form part of online advertising through which users access our website or of advertising appearing on various pages of this website. These techniques are used to gauge the response of visitors to websites and the impact of advertising campaigns (including the number of times pages are called up and the information viewed) and to examine your usage of the website. Third parties or web analysis companies which are able to collect data about the visitors to this and other websites using these tags/cookies may compile reports about website activity for A&A TICKETS ONLINE and offer additional services associated with usage of the website and the Internet. They can also make such information available to other parties if there is a legal requirement for doing so or if they entrust other parties with processing of the data on their behalf.

8. Personal details and minors

The majority of the services offered by this website are aimed at persons aged 18 years or over. A&A TICKETS ONLINE will not knowingly collect, utilise or transmit the personal data of minors without previously obtaining the consent of their legal guardian (parent or person with custody) by means of direct contact outside the Internet. A&A TICKETS ONLINE will provide such persons with detailed information about the type of personal data collected from the minor in question and offer this person the opportunity to make objection to any further collection, processing or storage of such information.

9. Links to other websites

A&A TICKETS ONLINE ensures that websites linked to this website satisfy the highest possible standards. Given the nature of the Internet it is however not possible to guarantee the data protection standards of other websites on which we set links. Nor can we vouch for the content of other websites apart from those on which you also find this declaration.

10. Contact
Should you have any queries or complaints about compliance with this data protection declaration by ourselves or if you have any comments or remarks regarding improvement of the quality of our data protection policy, please be so kind as to contact us by e-mail.

Important: As this data protection declaration is subject to Austrian law, the German version is the legally valid version. The English version is a courtesy translation provided merely for your information