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Spanish Synagogue

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Bolero & Jewish traditional songs

Bolero & Jewish traditional songs

Seen from the outside, the Spanish Synagogue is the most beautiful of the buildings that make up the Jewish Museum in Prague. The synagogue was built by Ignaz Ullmann in 1868 in Moorish style on the site of the first Jewish place of worship in the city, in Vězeňská Street. This style was no coincidence, as it is reminiscent of the time when many Sephardic Jews fled to Prague from the Iberian Peninsula and found a new home in the city.

Entering the main hall of the synagogue it is impossible not to be captivated by the wonderful dome, which presents a picture of indescribable beauty and colour. This forms the backdrop for a concert in which the Czech Collegium orchestra performs the famous Bolero by Maurice Ravel and other works of classical operatic and orchestral music. Architecture and music come together in perfect harmony while the brilliant virtuosity of both orchestra and soloists thrills the hearts of the audience, turning the evening into an absolutely unforgettable experience.

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